I Keep Working My Way Back to You, Blog

Okay, cheesy title I know, but I just wanted to introduce a quick little note. I’m slowly trying to get back into the swing of my blogging. I’ve missed it tremendously. Writing is such a therapeutic outlet for me. It has always been. Perhaps then it’s a bit odd that I seem to shy away from my writing during times of stress- the time I actually should probably be writing the most.

I want to say “thank you” to sweet Katherine Nelson who has texted me and told me face-to-face how excited she is that I’m writing again. It makes me feel good to hear such things. I need to be back, buried deep in my writing. It may be a slow process, so bear with me. I’ve been re-reading some of my older blogs and have reposted a few of the ones that really matter to me.

One day when I get my courage up where it needs to be I’m going to pursue my writing in its next step. Until then baby steps. I need to walk first before I try to run. But baby, when I am able to run…… watch out!


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