Reblogging for Mother’s Day 2012

Manda's Wonderland

I had to begin with this story. This is without a doubt my all-time favorite “Carolynn” story. Classic Carolynn, if you will.

During the summer of 1988 my family decided to take a weekend trip to PettiJean State Park. PettiJean is a lovely part of NW Arkansas with breathtaking views. Mom and dad were going to take us there on a daytrip to enjoy a picnic and the scenery.

It is important to note that during the summer of 1988 I was 18 years old and Jessica was 16. If some of you will recall there is usually a phase during adolescence in which you wake up one day and think your parents are the most embarrassing and completely uncool people on the planet.

I remember being in high school with my friend Wendi when she hit her phase. Before either of us were old enough to drive, Wendi’s parents…

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