My First Newspaper Column….ever!

I am fortunate at this time to work for an editor who, for one reason or another, believes in my writing enough that he’s offered to let me have my own column.  This can be a daunting thought because I think much responsibility comes with such an offer.  In light of the holiday season I wrote a light-hearted article which I hope you will enjoy.  Since it already came out in Hawkins Today on Wednesday I am posting it here for my out-of-town friends to have a chance to read. 

The Silvers Lining (column title at the suggestion of my friend Michelle)

“Black Friday”

I feel as though I will have to make an apology to the entire female race if I make the following confession, but here goes- I have never participated in a Black Friday sales experience. I have been fascinated for years that people would be willing to forego sleep to save five dollars on the latest Nintendo DS game. Heck, I would gladly be willing to pay that extra five dollars, perhaps even more, to buy myself a few additional hours of sleep. I’ve never really understood the processes that must take place way deep down in the human psyche which facilitates the equation: sleep deprivation + saving money= good times.

I’ve even done the research. I know that the term “Black Friday” originated in 1869 during financial panic in the stock market and was reintroduced to the American consumer sometime in the 1970’s to represent the first day of the year that retailers turn a profit. However, I have my own theory. I theorize that “Black Friday” is actually in reference to the dark circles which must be under the eyes of all shoppers who darken the early-morning doorways of these establishments.

Well, this year I’m conducting my own field research. At the encouragement of a friend, I will be among the masses who will arise before the roosters in the hopes of saving a dollar and fifty cents. I will be there at the Walmarts, Targets, and Best Buys of the world sans makeup, hair pulled back and ready to fight for a bargain. I hope no one gets in my way because I have a feeling that if I’m getting up four hours before my normal waking time I’m most likely not going to be in the best of moods. So, if you see me out in pink fuzzy pajama pants and a scowl on my face just keep in mind that I’m a beginner. I’m sure it gets easier. Maybe afterward, when our shopping is done we can all go out for lunch and spend the $12 that we just saved. Happy shopping!

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