Faith and Facebook

This is an article I wrote for the Rogersville Review about my friend Kelley Johnagin.  I wanted to have it published here so I won’t forget how visible God was during this time-

Facebook for many is an opportunity for social networking.  This cyberspace meeting area, however, has become an arena for something more important in the last two weeks.

It was Tuesday, February 16, that a text was sent telling me that Kelley Johnagin had been taken to the hospital and was needing prayer.  Little did anyone know that within hours what had started as a trip to the ER for stomach cramps would end up being a fight for life with a 20% predicted chance of survival.  The text messages were pouring in, “Please pray… kidneys failing.” and I started to do just that.  Kelley is a God-serving mother, wife, and friend and this situation was heartbreaking.  Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  We needed many people praying quickly and the easiest way that came to mind for this was through Facebook. 

I had started a Facebook prayer group last year for my father and knew that the same could be done for Kelley.  With just a few clicks of the mouse the “Kelley Johnagin Prayer Group” was formed.  What happened from that moment on was nothing short of miraculous.  Word began to spread like wildfire and Kelley’s prayer group grew to staggering numbers.  It wasn’t just the numbers which were so amazing, though, it was the fact that as the prayer group grew and the prayers of hundreds of people were lifted to Jesus, Kelley’s condition began to improve.  The members of the prayer group could tell you, the power of the Holy Spirit was literally palpable to all who visited the prayer group wall.  Friends, family, and complete strangers were all joined together for this one cause- praying for our sister in Christ- and those prayers were being heard. 

What started as a prayer group for a sick friend quickly rose to a membership of more than 900 in just over a week.  Kelley’s prayer group was bringing a spiritual awakening to those who visited to pray for her and we knew that this valuable prayer resource should not end once Kelley is fully recovered and home.  We had seen the healing power of God firsthand- healing in body and spirit- and we needed the next step.  At the Lord’s calling, “Church Without Walls (the not-so-small small group)” was formed as a continuation of worship to Him.  CWW is an uncommon “common place” on Facebook for believers to come and experience the Spirit of the Lord through prayer, fellowship, and testimony.  CWW provides Facebookers with an interactive church experience online.  Prayer requests, praise and worship music, Scripture readings and messages, and the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ- you’ll find it all there.  With almost 600 members and growing we pray that the Lord will use this online community for His purposes for many years to come.

Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praise of His people.  I believe He inhabits those praises even if they come to Him through Facebook.


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