Shades Of Gray In A Black And White World

A question for you. 

Most of us have heard that things/life/situations are always either black or white.  There really is no “gray” area.  I can’t help but relate the majority of my experience with this phrase all the way back to my very first memories of being in church.  There is good and there is bad.  The Lord would rather we be hot or cold as opposed to lukewarm.  There isn’t really much room for space in between.  At this very moment I could list a handful of my own friends and family who live by this mantra.  I love and respect each of those people.  I try to adapt my life to that mantra, or maybe adapt that mantra to my life, but the older I get I’m beginning to notice my life contains definite areas of undeniable gray. I don’t really feel it is necessary to give specific examples from my life- or maybe I just don’t want to- but I’m wondering if anyone else out there has ever had a similar thought? 

I remember in college taking a psychology class which encouraged us to analyze a situation from several perspectives and then to draw a conclusion.  Not only were we to draw that conclusion, but we also had to back up and explain why we came to each conclusion.  I’ll give you an example.  Situation one- “Is it wrong to steal?”  I would be willing to guess that the overwhelming majority of people would quickly answer that question with one single word… “yes”.  Now let me ask the same question, but with a little more background.  What if you were the father of a terminally ill child?  This child needed medication which was way beyond what your funds could provide.  What if you were unable to access the insurance necessary to cover the cost of such a drug?  What if mysteriously and miraculously you had free access to a pharmacy which had this drug on hand?  No one was there.  No one would know.  This drug would mean the difference between potential life and death for your child.  Now, is it wrong to steal?…

 The above example is just one of many that we discussed.  I’m curious to hear from any of you who would be willing to respond about the “gray” shades of life.  Maybe you still whole-heartedly disagree.  That is fine.  I am the first to realize the importance of black and white in this world.  There are set rules to be followed- some earthly, some spiritual.  Maybe you too see a little bit of gray in your own life.   I wonder how much the reason behind certain actions or decisions can have an effect on the choices that we all make.  Should that ever come into account or do we truly live in a world which is checkered only in black and white? 

Just curious.

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  1. Joline
    Jun 23, 2010 @ 17:23:16

    I would still have to say YES it is wrong to steal. However, the question is, “Will God forgive me if I do?” YES. Would he rather you believe that he will provide it? YES. Would I still steal the medicine? Don’t know. But I do know that no matter what the need, I would still feel bad about it until I made right with the company, however long that takes.



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