Who Am I? (a repost from 12/17/08)

If someone were to ask me to describe who I was…

First and foremost a child of the King.  A mother who adores her children.  A 38 year old who had no idea that this would be her body at age 38.  A friend who wonders where all her friends have wandered off to.  A sister who is proud to be related to the wonderful Jessica.  A homemaker who has too much stuff to clean up.  A mother who feels guilty for not always being patient.  A friend who feels guilty for not always understanding.  A woman who loves the Lord although isn’t always as in tuned to Him as I should be.  A person who is imperfect.  A person who is hopeful.  A girl who loves life.  A silly gal who loves to laugh.  A mother who loves to spend time playing with my children.  A woman who is blessed immeasurably.  A person who feels intensely.  Once the life of the party, now asking “where is the party and why did I need to be there?”  An ex-cheerleader who at times still talks way too loudly.  A person once voted “most humorous” who now finds that same humor reflected in my two wonderfully-gifted children.  An insecure person insecure about her insecurities.  A time manager who doesn’t find enough hours in the day.  A life lover who still believes in the good in people.  A person who is sad about the state of the world.  A person who knows that God will always see us through.  A woman who believes in healing.  A believer in the spiritual realm.  A promise from God.  A daughter who is blessed with the two most loving, caring parents in the world.  A woman who has lived through disaster and survived.  A mother who has lost a child.  A woman who has survived divorce.  A wife who now knows the true meaning of “for better or worse”.  A thinker who likes to sit for hours and analyze.  An organizer who likes things in their place.  A person that people ask for advice.  An individual who hopes that people will remember her as someone who loved the Lord.


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