The Cruise Ship of Life

If you were to compare life to a cruise ship, in college, I was definitely the cruise director. I was the metaphoric Julie McCoy, minus the stylish coolots. If you are too young to know who Julie McCoy is, or what coolots are, you should probably stop reading this blog.

Each morning would consist of completing the menial chores of the day and then focusing all attention on planning the adventure that was to be our evening. Around 5 p.m. the phone would ring and I would begin fielding a barrage of phone calls, each of which consisted of one sentence only- “What are we doing tonight?” This event would then facilitate the next and equally important event- coordinating our outfits to provide for maximum fun and attention. I was surrounded by the most exciting and hysterical group of friends that anyone has ever had the privilege of knowing. This group of girls (and a few fortunate boys) made each day fun. I was certain that this is how things would be for the rest of my life, surrounded by a large group of friends and having endless fun.

We sail on…

People move, people marry and have babies. A change of job titles. A cruise director is no longer needed as people are jumping ship left and right. Where the hell is everyone and why am I suddenly longing for a pair of coolots?

We sail on…

It’s my turn now. I’ve grabbed my life preserver and I’m going over. New husband, new babies, new town, new friends. Few friends. It was a rocky transition from carefree to real life. The party planning gave way to child birth, doctor’s appointments, carpools, and clothes crusted with baby snot. I’ve found happiness with my place in life, but I miss the boat sometimes. I’ve purchased that pair of coolots, but they are way in the back of a drawer.

We sail on…

I’ve made a bold decision. I’m returning to the boat and I’m bringing my life with me. I’ve kept a few friends from my cruise director days and have picked up some new travelers along the way. I am grateful to those who have made this voyage with me. The number of friendships may have lessened, but the quality of friendships has continued to grow. I won’t be returning as the ship’s cruise director, though. I will leave that job to someone younger and more energetic.

If you need me, you can find me with my true friends on the Ledo deck, sipping mimosas, and proudly wearing my coolots.


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