The Carolynn Chronicles- Introduction

I’m so excited to write this story! I have wanted for years to write about my mother. The task itself felt quite daunting and I’ve been hesitant to begin the process. My mother is a very special and complex woman. I must be sure that these little tidbits of my experience with her do the woman justice. For those of you who know my mother, you will hopefully laugh in recognition of the stories I will tell. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting her, I hope you will feel as though you know her on a personal level by the time you’ve finished reading.

I don’t remember the exact point in time, but at some interval during my adulthood I began calling my mother by her first name. I have friends who are appalled by this, but I can assure you I have the highest level of respect for my mother. I have never met a more unique creature. So, please don’t be put off that I may call her by name throughout this story. She is fine with it and so am I.

To fully appreciate Carolynn in all of her glory you simply must meet her in person. You need to hear her speak. She is a very young 60-ish year old Southern lady. My mother has a wonderful Southern drawl and can turn a 5-letter word into about 8 syllables. She is from a large family full of strong, independent women. Gladys Howe, her mother, was one of 9 children (8 females and 1 male). I could write for hours the most incredible stories about this family, but those will have to wait for another day. I remember as a child looking at all of my great aunts and my Grandmother and realizing what a special group of women they all were. I completely understand where my mother gets it. To use an old Southern phrase, “She comes by it honest.”

My mother is one of two people I’ve known for the entirety of my life. I feel that this makes me a qualified on the subject. I’ve known her throughout infancy, childhood, teen years, the college years, and now as an adult- wife and mother. We’ve had our good moments and our bad moments. We’ve had moments of closeness and moments of distance. We’ve agreed at times and disagreed almost as often. I would venture to say that any female you asked would tell you, there is no relationship we have in our lives as women which is as important and as transforming as the relationship we have with our mother. They are the very means by which we came into this world. That’s a powerful bond.

I want to begin my tribute to Carolynn by writing a series (or chronicle) of short stories about memories that I have of her. I may eventually delve into some of the more serious or sad stories in time, but for now I have a wealth of funny stories that have kept me and my sister in stitches for years. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy telling them.

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    In tribute to my wonderful mother, Carolynn, I’m going to repost the blogs I’ve written about her. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing. I love this woman. I’m eternally thankful God assigned me to her! Happy Mother’s Day!



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